Will You Marry Me??

Ready to pop the question?  Nothing makes us happier than to assist you with the perfect engagement on Cedar Island Beach!  Many couples have gotten engaged on our beach, which is why we were inspired to create a wedding venue!  Our beach is gorgeous just as it is with the white sands and calm waters creating ever changing coastline scenery.  It poses an incredibly romantic setting, especially when the sun is going down and the colors in the sky reflect on the water.  Anyone can walk down the beach and get down on one knee, but if you would like us to help you make the moment even more special, we are here to help you with a few ideas or make one of your own unique ideas come true!

firepit champagne.jpg

Firepit & Champagne

Let us help you set up a sweet surprise on the beach with a fire pit and a bottle of champagne to set the scene for a perfect engagement!  We can set this up among the trees and sand dunes with a cozy blanket so that when you are walking on the beach, everything is set up for you to pop the question.  This is one of our most popular engagement options!  

Private Beach Camping

Camping on the beach is an incredible experience at Cedar Island because when you pitch your tent on this part of the coastline, you are almost guaranteed to have the beach to yourself for the night!  The beach is completely natural and undeveloped, so when you camp on the beach, you are underneath nothing but the moonlight and thousands of stars in the sky.  You will wake up to an amazing sunrise right over the water and may catch a glimpse of the wild horses that roam the islands of the outer banks.  This is a romantic and unforgettable way to surprise your bride!

Happy Couple
sunset horseback ride.jpg

Sunset Horseback Ride

If you are a horse lover, then this adventure is surely on your bucket list! Why not make it part of a romantic engagement with your "forever date" by taking a sunset ride down our private beach?  Cedar Island has a horse stable that offers private rides for riders of all experience levels and will take you along the quiet shoreline of the Pamlico Sound, offering calm waters and boasting breathtaking sunsets that paint the waters with ever changing colors as you make your way down the beach. Let us help you "wow" your bride-to-be and create this truly memorable engagement for you!  

Combine all 3 options for the ultimate engagement!